A Diagnostic Study of University-Enterprise Cooperation

Convene is currently preparing a significant diagnostic study of University-Enterprise Cooperation at all levels in Technological University Dublin. Professor Anne Greene, chair of Convene’s Enterprise Faculty Working Group, said:

"Right now, we are working with the Innovative Futures Institute in planning a major survey which will gauge University-Enterprise Cooperation activities across TU Dublin. The survey will be comprehensive and is designed to measure attitudes, drivers, barriers and mechanisms as to how we engage with enterprise right across TU Dublin. This survey will allow us to benchmark against current best practice activities in European TUs. It will also help us to map out a credible pathway for personnel from enterprise, academia, innovation and research to come together for the common purposes of talent development and innovation. We are hoping to have this survey ready to roll-out to all TU staff members in April and we are looking forward to getting the valuable input of our colleagues in this regard."