Transforming university-enterprise engagement for a more sustainable and resilient post-pandemic Ireland.


OUR MISSION is to increase the capacity of higher education to anticipate, understand, and deliver emerging skills needed by enterprise, and provide lifelong learning and upskilling opportunities for all.

OUR VISION is an innovative and agile Irish society and economy that is equipped for the workforce of the future.

Convene is funded by the Human Capital Initiative (HCI), an unprecedented government investment to support the Irish higher education system to meet the challenges and needs of enterprise. In 2020, Convene received €17.5 million under HCI Pillar 3 – Innovation and Agility – to create programmes and deliver the priority skills to rebuild Irish enterprise for sustainability and resilience in the wake of Covid-19. As part of this, a major expansion of online capacity will deliver approximately 5,000 places by 2023, scaled to 7,000 per year from 2024 onwards.

Convene can play an important role in helping to rebuild our society and economy differently; to fully embrace the digital age and take urgent action in response to our climate and biodiversity crises.

- Taoiseach Micheál Martin

Convene brings together an Enterprise Faculty—a vibrant community of talent developers from across enterprise, academia, innovation, and research—to co-create and deliver two groundbreaking educational models: 

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Accredited Talent Development

Working from the inside out to
leverage enterprise’s own capacity for talent development. Targeting in-enterprise learners (including the recently unemployed), early initiatives include mentoring programs and supporting enterprise to co-design and deliver their own training as micro credentials, which in turn offers a partial solution to higher education funding.
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Global Innovation Teams

Working from the outside in to create diverse student innovation teams mentored by Enterprise Faculty. Targeting on-campus students, primarily, enterprise challenges are embedded into programmes offering a light-touch, low-cost, low-commitment test bed for innovation, while also establishing a long-term talent and innovation pipeline co-created with enterprise.

Centered in Dublin, Convene is a working model for the creation of a regional innovation ecosystem, a dynamic which is also applicable to Cork, Limerick, and Galway in Ireland, as well as other areas in the EU and across the world.