Call for Expressions of Interest for Convene Enterprise Fellowships 2021/22


Convene Enterprise Fellowships 2021/22

The Convene Enterprise Fellowship programme supports staff wishing to co-create skills and innovation solutions with enterprise.  Fully funded by Convene, Enterprise Fellows are reassigned from their regular roles on a part-time or full-time basis for up to 5 months, and offered space, time, and resources, to work directly with enterprise to deliver priority skills and drive workforce innovation in Ireland. Fellows receive support around the entire innovation lifecycle – from ideation and QA, to funding and mainstreaming. Staff from across academic faculties, professional services, research or innovation centres are eligible and welcome to apply. Applications will be considered for Semester 2 2021/22 and a panel will be formed from which future Fellowships may be filled.

The Convene team is available to chat through any ideas or questions you may have about the Fellowship and the application process. Please email us at

How to apply?
How does the Convene Enterprise Fellowship work?

A Convene Enterprise Fellowship provides time out, to pause intense schedules, explore, experiment and deliver skills and innovation solutions for enterprise. Fellows will be immersed in a ‘velcro’ ecosystem where staff and students from enterprise, academia, professional services, innovation, research and our international partners come together frequently for the common purposes of innovation, talent and skills development. Fellows will be virtually/physically based in the Convene Enterprise Academy*, a new “internal incubator” with TU Dublin, which will help staff translate between enterprise needs and academic solutions, align projects to the university strategic plan, navigate our complex systems, integrate our collective expertise and co-create ecosystems around common enterprise challenges.

* Working Title - subject to branding exercise with our partners in the UCD Innovation Academy and internally

What does a Convene Enterprise Fellowship provide?

Convene Enterprise Fellows will be supported throughout the innovation lifecycle to deliver skills and innovation solutions for enterprise. Mainstreaming and delivery remains the responsibility of the home Faculty/School/Unit and all projects need the firm commitment of the relevant line manager from the outset*.

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The Convene Enterprise Academy will provide

  • Full or partial semester secondments (or equivalent) with backfill/resources to the home School/unit
  • Groundbreaking new educational models - Accredited Talent Development and Global Innovation Teams
  • Tools and techniques to solve wicked problems
  • Curation of high quality online content to support skills solutions
  • Coaching through the full innovation lifecycle, from ideation to mainstreaming
  • Assistance with securing funding (Springboard, Innovation Vouchers, HCI, Skillnet and other funding applications)
  • Navigation of internal and collaborative quality assurance processes
  • Cultivation of enterprise ecosystems including Enterprise Faculty in priority sectors
  • Pan-university and pan-mission communities of practice around common challenges, joining the dots across all our education, research and innovation strengths
  • Individualised professional development plans including coaching and training as entrepreneurial educators
  • National/international market development and sector-facing intelligence
  • Championing business process transformation within TU Dublin for university-enterprise engagement

*It is important to note that the Convene Enterprise Academy is not a Faculty, School, incubation/innovation centre or research centre. Responsibility for mainstream delivery, programme validation, quality assurance, enterprise relationship management and/or commercialisation of outcomes remains with the relevant part of the university. Projects must therefore be championed by a Faculty/School with a clear mainstreaming path from the outset.

What kinds of Fellowships will be supported?
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We welcome ideas from staff under the broad theme of co-creation of skills and innovation solutions with enterprise within some key parameters.

  • All Fellowships must have clear and achievable deliverables which are aligned to relevant objectives of the TU Dublin strategic plan. A key goal of Convene is to ‘join the dots’ across our academic, professional services, research and innovation communities. We want to make good ideas bigger and more impactful by convening university-enterprise ecosystems around them and to build a long term partnership with our partners in the UCD Innovation Academy.
  • The Convene Enterprise Academy is supported by an investment of €17.5m from the Human Capital Initiative, in partnership with the UCD Innovation Academy. As such Convene Enterprise Fellowships must assist with meeting the specific objectives and targets of the Convene funding (See Appendix A). Priority will be given to proposals that address skills and innovation needs in one/more of the following sectors (ICT/FinTech, Tourism, Food&Drink, Creative & Cultural, Social Enterprise, MedTech and Pharma). Fellows may be asked to progress relevant aspects of the Convene project as part of their secondment where relevant.
  • A number of pilot projects are under way at present including
  • An Innovation Internship for Tourism and Business students using the Global Innovation Teams model
  • Accredited Talent Development (Linked Provider) partnerships with Screen Skills Ireland and Krioslolis
  • Enterprise Faculty development including an Enterprise Engagement Survey and the Saer Industry Mentoring programme
  • Joint Continuing Professional Development programmes in Transversal Skills with UCD
  • Sustainability modules for enterprise using Curation model
  • A key consideration for projects in Semester 1 and 2 2021/22 will be alignment with the above pilot projects.

Within the above parameters there is ample scope to include new and exciting ideas from staff across the university which can be progressed in either Semester 1 or Semester 2 of 2021/22. Indicative examples include

  • Continuing Professional Development modules for enterprise
  • Incorporating Innovation Internships (Global Innovation Teams) as part of existing work placement programmes
  • New or enhanced Linked & Collaborative Provider partnerships (Accredited Talent Development)
  • Enterprise partnerships for specific skills initiatives
  • University-Enterprise Ecosystem development for enterprise challenges
  • Competency frameworks for specific sectors/roles
  • High quality online content curation

The extent to which these solutions can be co-created with enterprise partners is a key consideration.

Convene Enterprise Fellowship Briefing Session

The following Convene Enterprise briefing session was presented to staff on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. 

How do I apply?

An Expression of Interest Call for Semester 2, 2021/22 was sent out via TU Dublin HR on Friday, October 22, 2021. Please follow the formal application process via

The deadline for apply is Monday, November 8, 2021, at noon Irish Time. 

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1. Is the Convene Fellowship open only to current TU Dublin staff members? 

Yes. All current staff who meet the essential criteria outlined in the person specification are eligible to submit an application.

2. Is the Convene Fellowship open only to staff on permanent contracts?

No. All current staff who meet the essential criteria outlined in the person specification above are eligible to submit an application.

3. Can the Convene Fellowship be used to hire new staff?

No. The Fellowship is open to current staff only. 

4. Could you please define what is considered an 'enterprise'? 

Enterprise is used it its broadest sense and include private sector, public sector and social enterprise sectors. 

5. Is the buyout at the Assistant Lecturer scale and does that only apply to personnel hired to cover the member of staff, and not the member of staff themselves?

The Fellowships will be at the current pay grade of the successful candidates. The Fellowships will be full-time or part-time assignments for up to 5 months. Backfill will be provided to the home School/Unit.

6. Is there any opportunity to extend the Convene Fellowship beyond the 5 months (i.e. outside of the semester set times)?


7. What does it mean in terms of the secondment If I am a postdoc with a fixed-term contract, how would it work?

The specific contractual arrangements for successful candidates may need further discussion and agreement agreed as part of the offer process. 

8. Can the Expression of Interest application be a joint application with a colleague?

No. The Fellowships are for individual staff members only. However two individual applicants may apply as individuals and signal that they are working on a linked/related project. 

9. Can a staff member be seconded into the Convene Fellowship and still use Research working on their lab on the project?

The specific arrangements for successful candidates may need further discussion and agreement as part of the offer process. The support of the home School/research lab/unit is a key consideration and we also need to be mindful of potential double funding issues. 

10. What is the estimated timing for the Expression of Interest applications to be reviewed to start in Semester 1 of the 2021/22 academic year?

We are hoping that successful applicants would be informed as soon as HR processes allow after the interviews. Interviews will be held on the 17th June 2021.

11. Is there a streamlined process for ethics approval for the Convene projects? 

The normal Ethics approval procedures will apply for this Call.

12. Does the Convene Fellowship allow for additional costs to be covered such as the purchasing of specific equipment and items?

The specific arrangements for successful candidates may need further discussion and agreement as part of the offer process. There is additional budget available in Convene to support successful Fellowships. 

13. Are you still considered a TU Dublin staff member if you obtain a Convene Fellowship in order to be able to access TU Dublin facilities and spaces?

Yes. The Fellowship is open to current staff only. 

14. As part of the Convene Fellowship, can you co-create and work with new enterprises/partners that are currently not part of Convene?

Yes. Proposals with new enterprise partners are welcome. 

Not ready for a Fellowship just yet?

Join our Convene Skills and Innovation Ecosystem in TU Dublin to keep in touch with us as our work progresses. Contact and we will add you to our contact lists, follow us on Twitter @convene_ie, on LinkedIn (convene-ie) and on this website.

About the Convene Enterprise Academy

TU Dublin’s strategic plan ‘Realising Infinite Possibilities - Strategic Intent 2030’ sets out our strategic intent under the themes People, Planet and Partnership. Our vision within this is to create a better world together, to engage our stakeholders – our students, staff, communities, industry, and governments – in contributing to resolving some of the world’s most pressing issues, and being ready to take advantage of opportunities that arise. As a support to achieving our goals, the Convene Enterprise Academy is being established in TU Dublin, supported by an investment of €17.5m from the Human Capital Initiative, in partnership with the UCD Innovation Academy. The Convene Enterprise Academy will transform university-enterprise engagement in the Dublin co-learning skills and innovation ecosystem through a ‘velcro’ interface where enterprise, academia, innovation, research and our international partners come together frequently for the common purposes of innovation, talent and skills development. Enterprise is used in its broadest sense and Convene is organised around seven major employment sectors (ICT/FinTech, Tourism, Food&Drink, Creative&Cultural, Social Enterprise, MedTech and Pharma). Convene is supported by 36 enterprise partners. Within TU Dublin, the Convene team is pan-university and includes 12 academic Schools, 10 professional services units, TU Dublin incubation centres and the CeADAR, CREST, ESHI, PRST and CASH research centres. Acting as an integrator, navigator and translator between enterprise and the academic, research and innovation communities, it touches many parts of TU Dublin and directly supports the following Strategic Plan Objectives : PE1 New model of education; PE2 Most accessible university; PE3 exemplar for EDI; PE4 high calibre staff; PE5 expanded international activity; PL1 a beacon for sustainability; PL2 responsible global citizens; PL3 tackling global challenges; PA1 open innovation; PA2 a tightly connected network; PA3 being global and PA4 organisational effectiveness.